A NECROMANCER’S LOVE: A Slow-Burn Paranormal Romance

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ISBN:978-1-7335035-5-6 | ASIN:B07W4XWK1L

Released Aug 8th 2019

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A loyal necromancer harnessing powers from the dead. A fun-loving lifestyle blogger searching for her cursed brother.

As the shadows descend upon the Seattle nights, will he be strong enough to save her?


Sixth and last in the Order of the Black Oak – Warlocks Series

Feel the intensity of a NECROMANCER’S LOVE…

THE NECROMANCER: Son of a daemon and Celtic priestess, lethal necromancer Malcolm Dunsmuir is keeping the Seattle streets free of shadows out of fierce loyalty for his brother-in-arm, Warlock of the Black Oak, Knighley Morgan, now fighting the same fight on the other side of the country. But as vampires descend on his city, Malcolm can’t hide from the darkness of his demon side, especially when an enticing human is trying her very best to bring him to the light.

THE CURVY BLOGGER: Life-loving Harper Grant has always believed in the inherent goodness of people, and when her little brother is turned into a vampire, she is determined to save him from his curse. As her chase for his salvation lands her in Seattle, she must team up with the deadliest man she has ever met in order to save her sibling. But as darkness catches up with her, will her positive outlook on life be enough to save both men, especially as she falls hard for the darkest of all?

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