An Immortal's Redemption (1)

A tenacious sorceress striving to heal. Her overbearing panther shifter boyfriend vowing to protect her at all cost.

Evil still looms near.

The Order of the Black Oak Series continues.

Fall under the spell of A SORCERER’S NIGHT…

— A Gothic Paranormal Romance —

THE SORCERESS: Celeste Stanford is determined to reclaim her independence, despite her protective family — modern-day warlocks drawing powers from the time of the Gilded Age — and her overbearing panther-shifter boyfriend. She will no longer hide from the aftermath of her horrific abduction by an evil darkmage and will fight anyone preventing her from overcoming her tragic past.

THE PANTHER SHIFTER: Even though the mage who kidnaped his girlfriend has been defeated, powerful sorcerer and shifter Sinclair Clarke, who years ago witnessed his own mother’s murder at the hand of the very same evil spell-caster, has vowed to protect his love at all cost. Even if it means going against her will.

Coming February 2019

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