Experience the true cost of A SPELLBINDER’S DENIAL…

Fifth book in The Order of the Black Oak Series…


How far would you go to atone for your sins?

A billionaire spellbinder denying his magic legacy… 

Duke Morgan is a warlock in name only. Riddled with guilt after his unleashed powers wrecked lives decades ago, he vowed to deny his blood legacy and use his wealth to make amends. But when the woman he’s been trying to forget crosses his path, even his fortune won’t be enough to protect her.

A savvy banshee protecting a doomed infant…

Sloane Davenport will do anything to provide and care for her adopted baby girl, even accepting to move in with Duke to give the tragically-orphaned child a better life. But when all she sees is death, his resources and her love won’t be enough. The undead are after banshee’s blood and only warlock sorcery has a chance to defeat them.

A character-driven series for lovers of classic paranormal romance.

Intense, passionate, spellbinding…

★★★★★ Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

“This is my fourth book in the series and I am so hooked. Even though it’s book 5, you can easily pick up what is happening.  I love this series and can’t wait for Mal’s story.” — Kindle Reviewer

“Another great story in the Black Oak-Warlocks series. Marie-Claude Bourque weaves a tale that enthralls the reader and ensures that you cannot put the book down until it has been completed. You then want to go back and read it again.” — Kobo Reviewer

great story about self-forgiveness. I really enjoyed it and I loved how it all played out. The characters were great and I would recommend it to others.” — Bookbub Reviewer

I love this series and this installment is no exception. The romance is beautiful and the story around the romance is exciting.” — Nook Reviewer

As usual, Ms. Bourque has done a great job with this story. Her writing style brings her books to life and she does a fabulous job with character development and story world building. This is book 5 in the series, but is completely readable as a stand alone. If you like paranormal romance, you’ll love this story!” — Goodreads Reviewer

Best one yet. Has gotten better and better with each book in the series. This book doesn’t disappoint. Looking forward to reading on the Allusive & mysterious Dunsmuir…..” — iBooks Reviewer

★★★★★ “Intriguingly Addictive….” — Bookbub Reviewer

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