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A duty-bound sorcerer. His panther shifter ex-girlfriend. A mystical dagger keeping them apart.

Experience the true power of A WARLOCK’S KISS

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The Order of the Black Oak Series starts here…

THE PANTHER SHIFTER: After fearless panther shifter Kerala Clark lost her mother at the hands of a cruel dark mage, she wanted nothing but to be left alone with her grief, far away from those who did nothing to prevent her mother’s murder, including her own father and very sexy ex-boyfriend. But when the warlock she used to love comes calling for her help, arousing feelings she thought were buried forever, she must decide if her quest for revenge is worth losing her second chance at true happiness.

THE WARLOCK: With his sister clinging to life from a terrible curse, leader of the Order of the Black Oak and powerful warlock, Diesel Stanford will do anything to force his ex-girlfriend to return the one artifact that can save his sister, even commit betrayal. Caught by the powerful emotions she still stirs in him, will he choose family duty over the one chance he has at winning his soulmate back?

Spellbinding. This was definitely one story that held me bound tight from start to finish...” — Goodreads Reviewer

“The feisty heroine, the stoic hero, the heartrending choices made for a riveting romance in the midst of a conflict with evil…” — Amazon Reviewer

“Purrr what a sexy action-packed read this was!” — Booknook Reviews

“…a strong female lead…a dangerous world…From a community of shifters and warlocks, the males in this story are not wimps either.” — Goodreads Reviewers

“This book is about trusting your heart and knowing that you are stronger together than you will ever be alone.” — Amazon Reviewer



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