JULY 2019

A SPELLBINDER’S DENIAL is now available on all ebook platforms. A NECROMANCER’S LOVE will release on August 26th on all ebook platforms.

KU READER: The entire ORDER OF THE BLACK OAK SERIES will be available for free in Kindle Unlimited starting Oct 15 2019

April 2019

A NECROMANCER’S LOVE and A SPELLBINDER’S DENIAL are now completed and in the hands of editors. Look for May and June 2019 releases. AN ARCHMAGE’S DESTINY is now available on all major ebook retailers. Marie-Claude will start May by starting to write her new spin-off series: The Order of the Black Oak – Vampires coming Jan 2020.

March 2019

February 2019

January 2019

A WARLOCK’S KISS is now available for pre-order in all major ebook retailers: Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Apple and more. AN ARCHMAGE’S DESTINY is in the hand of Marie-Claude’s editor while she is polishing A SPELLBINDER’S DENIAL and planning A NECROMANCER’S LOVER (last in the Warlock’s series – June 2019)

December 2019

A SORCERER’S NIGHT is now in the hand of the proofreader for a release of February 25th. Marie-Claude’s is currently going back and forth between finishing  A SPELLBINDER’S DENIAL (book 5 – May 2019), editing AN ARCHMAGE’S DESTINY (book 4 – April 2019) and polishing AN ALCHEMIST’S DESIRE (book 3 – March 2019)

November 2019

Marie-Claude is currently writing  A SPELLBINDER’S DENIAL as her Nanowrimo book. A WARLOCK’S KISS is officially ready to prepare for pre-order. A sampler preview is now available via Bookfunnel. Contact Marie-Claude if you want a copy. Secret Circle subscribers will get their sample mid-November by email.

October 2019

The 4th book of the ORDER OF THE BLACK OAK Series: AN ARCHMAGE’S DESTINY is now completed. Marie-Claude is hard at work polishing the first 3 books in the series while planning the 5th book: A SPELLBINDER’S DENIAL.

September 2018

The first 3 installments in the ORDER OF THE BLACK OAK Series: A WARLOCK’S KISS, A SORCERER’S NIGHT and AN ALCHEMIST’S DESIRE are now in the hands of Marie’s wonderful editor Jennifer Bray-Weber. Look for pre-orders in December 2018.

August 2018

If you do not have a copy of ANCIENT WHISPERS, you can now download it EXCLUSIVELY FREE by joining Marie-Claude’s Readers Secret Circle.

 June 2018

Marie-Claude is currently hard at work on an action-packed series of connected paranormal romance short books, THE ORDER OF THE BLACK OAK SERIES, featuring her own brand of sexy sorcerers, sensual mysticism and dark desires mixed together to create infinitally romantic stories.

A WARLOCK’S KISS, A SORCERER’S NIGHT and AN ALCHEMIST’S DESIRE are now completed. Look for a release date of JAN 2019.


Due to the closing of Dorchester Publishing, the publishing house which released ANCIENT WHISPERS, Marie-Claude cannot tell you when or if the sequels to the Priory of Callan series will be released. Marie-Claude is however currently hard at work on a few writing projects that she think you’ll like, an epic fantasy romance series and more sexy gothic paranormal romance novels.

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