Marie-Claude’s Promise:

Marie-Claude is very grateful for every single one of her readers and, in each and every story, she promises to bring you:

Tough guys with hearts…

Bad-boys, aloof billionaires, stoic leaders, overprotective mates, tragic recluses, loyal fighters, these men are hard-rock solid but with a hot gooey center which makes them always put the needs of their love ones first. They will happily give their lives for the safety of those they keep close to their hearts.

A romance worth waiting for…

Slow-burn for the win! Things always taste so much better with a little anticipation. And for these lovers, it’s the slow built-that make the final expression of their true emotions so much worth the wait!

Love conquers all…

Fighting evil is not for the faint of heart and when our heroes and heroines want to win, they put their own selves aside for the good of all. Families, brotherhoods, lovers, the bonds are strong. United, they are always triumphant.

Safe Happily Ever After. Always and with every book.

Reality a little too… real? Yes, sure we love our life. But isn’t your romantic read so much better when you know for sure that no hero will ever cheat, no heroine will ever lose the guy in the end and no pet will ever die in the making of your book! The future will always be bright for the characters who spent the whole story fighting for their happiness. No cliffhangers guaranteed! And oh yeah, we prefer consent! 

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