A WARLOCK’S STORM: A Seasoned Urban Fantasy Romance

Coming January 2021

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A rugged and recluse warlock. A panther-shifter retired supermodel. Their seasoned urban fantasy romance…

Stranded on a boat in a haunted New England harbor, Rey and Saira battles sea-monsters and revenants as they try to survive the night.


Rey was torn. She had just said men pushed themselves on her. 

Conflicted wishes wrestled inside him as he recalled that she had offered herself the night before.

“Say.” She leaned into him, forcing his heartbeat to pound madly in his chest. “What made you come to my cabin in the middle of the night?”

“Oh that.” He pursed his lips with a strong inhale.

She sat back and bit her lower lip with a gesture so sensual it hit him straight at his navel. “Yes, that.”

For a moment, he had no words. The shirt was opened at her throat, showing the top of a cleavage that was just perfectly sized, the swell of her breasts not too small or too big. The type of curves that made people drop thousands of dollars for luxury goods. The type of shape that drove him wild with cravings.

He yearned to be far from this damned cove. Take her away to his favorite secluded sandy beach in Silverside Harbor. Kiss her long and hard as the waves licked the shore and the horizon turned hazy pink at sunset. He wanted to hear her moan of pleasure in his arms under the starry summer sky.

He swallowed and finally admitted, “you had offered.”

“Oh.” Her brows lifted. She smiled and sat herself straight, her legs parted, her knees almost touching him. The tantalizing look she gave him was like a sucker punch to his gut. “The offer still stands.”

“What. Now?”

Low gray clouds rolled gloomily across the overcast sky, dimming the light in the cockpit. But the dropping barometer did nothing to stop his rising heartbeat. Or the tightening of his jeans.

“Yes, now.” Her smile had turned provocative as she reached for his belt and pulled him towards her. “We’ve got time to kill anyway.”

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