An Immortal's Redemption (2)

A witch’s granddaughter with a mystical artifact. The recluse alchemist duty-bound to fight her. Darkness is coming.

The third installment in The Order of the Black Oak Series is here…

Experience the dark passion of AN ALCHEMIST’S DESIRE…

— A Gothic Paranormal Romance Two-Hour Read —

THE WITCH’S GRANDDAUGHTER: With her father’s health bills piling up, determined violinist Raven Giancola will do anything to win a spot with the city’s award-winning symphony orchestra, even convince a powerful sorcerer to enchant her legacy instrument so that she can beat her competition.

THE ALCHEMIST: Recluse alchemist Thornwood Huntington vowed to shield all things magic from non-sorcerers ever since witnessing the horrible murder of his parents from a simple enchanted artifact. But when Raven shows on the doorstep of his dilapidated mansion, he must chose between keeping his childhood oath or fall deep into his darkest craving.

Coming March 2018

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