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A recluse alchemist must help a talented violinist unlock the magic of her enchanted violin despite his vow to keep all things magic away from non-sorcerers.



The third installment in The Order of the Black Oak Series is here…

THE WITCH’S GRANDDAUGHTER: With her father’s health bills piling up, determined violinist Raven Giancola will do anything to win a spot with the city’s award-winning symphony orchestra, even convince a powerful sorcerer to enchant her legacy instrument so that she can beat her competition.

THE ALCHEMIST: Recluse alchemist Thornwood Huntington vowed to shield all things magic from non-sorcerers ever since witnessing the horrible murder of his parents from a simple enchanted artifact. But when Raven shows on the doorstep of his dilapidated mansion, he must chose between keeping his childhood oath or fall deep into his darkest craving.

★★★★★ “Each book gets better than the one before it. Violinist Raven Giancola and Recluse alchemist Thornwood Huntington’s story has twists, turns, suspense, drama, danger, evil, a villain, sadness, and romance.” — Amazon Reviewer

Wow! Great story, awesome and touching characters! Thorn would be a sight to see… I can’t wait to read about the other characters!” – Goodreads Reviewer

Another awesome story by Marie-Claude Bourque. The storyline will grab hold of you and not let go until the end.” – Booksprout Reviewer

We have a sweet, relatable, desperate young woman out to make her mark – regardless of the cost. This young woman together with the hurting hero who, like many men, lacks a certain degree of social adeptness, are magic together.” – Goodreads Reviewer

Wow. The series get better and better. I am so happy that there will more of these books.  I thought it was a trilogy and was sad when I started reading the book for that reason. HOORAY HOORAY. The other characters are getting their own stories too.” – Goodreads Reviewer

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