He flashed her a devilish grin. “I could show you how I love you in a very special way.”

“Sex? You mean when we are having sex?” She couldn’t believe she’d just said that.

He laughed. “If I use my powers when I make love to you, it will be a whole different experience.”

“Show me.” She stared at him with intensity.

“Aren’t you a little afraid? I’m very powerful.” A twinkle shone in his eyes as he linked her fingers through his. “I’m a sorcerer. I’ll make you entirely mine.” He still radiated the unnatural power she’d felt on the beach.

“Show me.” She was very curious now and, she had to admit, a little fearful. But the hint of fear crawling through her bones suddenly made her body tingle with lust. She was flirting with danger and she knew it, finding that speck of darkness in Gabriel strangely enticing.

Keeping his fingers twined with hers, she got up and led him to his bedroom.

He followed without protest and sat on the bed as she stood facing him. He looked at her eagerly, waiting.

Her raw emotions from earlier on the beach needed powerful release and she felt compelled to show him her love. As if possessed by an uncontrollable force, she wanted to be naked for him, wanted to let herself feel vulnerable in front of him.

Where did this wild feeling come from? A sorcerer…he was a sorcerer, immortal. What would he do to her, what would his love feel like with magic?

With her gaze fixed on his handsome face, she worked on the buttons of her shirt one at a time. She unzipped her jeans, then wiggled out of them while he sat on the bed, hands together, desire written all over his face.

She stood in front of him, clad only in a lacy black bra and matching thong. She loved the power she held over him, loved seeing the admiration in his eyes. Stripping in front of him made her feel extremely feminine and wild.

She brought her hand to her back, unfastened her bra and let it fall. Her nipples hardened from the cool air and from the intense emotions running though her.

After sliding her fingers under the black lace at her hips, she pushed the thong down to her feet. She stepped out of it and stood motionless, letting his gaze trail over her entire naked body. She was all ready for him, for his magical power.

Conscious of her nakedness and his fully clothed body, she knelt down to his level and cupped his head in her hands.

“Make love to me, sorcerer. Show me your powers.” Her voice purred in a whisper as her body heated with anticipation.

He grasped her wrist gently. “As you wish, my lady, as you wish.” He sounded unusually solemn.

Still sitting at the edge of the bed, he pushed her up to her feet and brought her between his legs. He pressed his lips to her belly as he pulled her closer. She felt his rough jeans around her naked thighs, the warmth of his bare arms encircling her waist and his soft T-shirt at her navel.

His hand cupped her naked buttocks. “You’re so beautiful. Your skin so perfect.” A passionate fever burned in his eyes.

“Don’t you have to say some weird words like hocus pocus or something like that?”

Gabriel laughed. “No, it just comes to me as I go along.” He got up to face her, then guided her to the bed. He eased her down on her back so she could lie on the immaculate white sheets.

Then he stood, all lean muscle and raw power, looking at her, full of desire.

She felt his physical power but also something more, something about his will, as if he wanted her to submit to it. She was not scared but awed and a little docile about what may happen. This was Gabriel, whom she loved and trusted.

She didn’t move, and waited for him as he knelt at the bed, holding one of her feet by the ankle. He brushed the top of it with a kiss.

“Reizh leski,” he whispered, his breath warming her sensitive skin. He then blew softly on her leg.

A tingling started where he’d kissed her. It spread along her leg, an incredible sensation flowing upward—first through her thigh, her hip, then to her belly. It ended at her tightened nipples in a hot explosion.

She moaned with pleasure. How did he do that?

Kneeling at the edge of the bed, he grasped her other ankle, and she felt pinned by the strength of his grip.

“Now you’re all mine, baby.” He flashed her that charming smile again, then laughed. His laugh was playful, but she sensed a hint of something inhuman in it. There was no turning back now. She was already entirely under his control and she found herself enjoying the small thread of powerlessness she felt in being at his mercy.

“Did you just do something to me?”

“Of course I did. I just kissed your foot.” She heard the playful laugh again, and then he blew on her skin once more. The hot sensation surged through her, creeping up both thighs, invading the needy area between her legs as intense desire burst to her core.

She let out a small cry of surprise. She would come, right now, from the sensation alone. But no, not quite yet.

He’d left her panting, wanting more, much more.

She needed him, now, on top of her. She was dying to feel his weight.

His gaze on her was dark. He had detected her agony, and she sensed he didn’t want her to reach for him yet.

“Relax. We have all day.” His lips curled into another teasing grin. Then she felt one more kiss, heard one more incantation murmured in an ancient language she didn’t know.

Again, an excruciating wave of pleasure consumed her. Her nipples ached now, begging for his touch. The need in her body was incredibly strong, unnaturally strong. She would do anything for release, anything.

But Gabriel took his time.

He trailed his lips up her leg. His mouth found the cradle of her right inner thigh and he kissed it softly, the tip of his tongue occasionally licking her as he spread her legs gently. He licked her hot sensitive skin, getting closer and closer to her neediest spot.

His hand finally cupped the crest between her legs and he brushed her soft curls, parting her slightly with his callused fingers.

She gasped.

“So beautiful, perfect.” His thumb was slow and gentle as it explored her slit, but it didn’t quite reach where she wanted yet.

She arched her hips toward him.

“Easy, baby, easy.” His hands moved up and caressed her stomach.

She whimpered in disappointment. Why was he drawing away from her now?

He gazed at her and she saw the intense fever burning in his eyes, his desire to possess and claim her.

She sighed, resigned to let him have his way with her, to take his lead.

He whispered the magic words again. His hands left her body and drew symbols in the air just over her, not quite touching her skin. “Reizh leski, muioc’h leski.”

The sweet pain of need hit her. She writhed with uncontrollable lust as it washed all over her body. Her feet dug into the thick mattress as her hands grasped the sheets. She arched deeply, lifted her bared chest toward him in yearning.

He knelt on the bed next to her hips and trailed his fingertips in slow and tender circles on her breasts, occasionally flicking her tight nipples.

Her body was lost in sensation. She yearned for the hardness she could see bulging though his jeans. His caresses on her body were familiar, but the spell made him nearly a stranger, made her ache for him almost painfully.

She wanted him now. She wouldn’t wait.

Reaching for his shoulders, she tried to pull him close, but he denied her. He restrained one side of her hips with one hand, then lifted her leg to open her wider.

He was playing with her, having fun. Using his incantations to enhance her desire for him and then taking it slow and leisurely. It killed her.

The desire she’d felt the first night with him at the Callans’ house had been strong but nothing like now. She would do anything for him if he asked. For him, just for him, to be blended with his body and soul, to feel his essence all over her, in her. She was his, to do his bidding, for his claiming. The loving trust she felt for him made her lightheaded and pliant.

As his kisses lowered to her wet core again and both hands anchored her thighs, she felt her love for him surging though her.

His lips lay right where she wanted them and he flicked his tongue at her dripping slit, directly on the pulsing nub so ready for him. She cried. Finally a small release. She wanted to beg for more.

“You like that?” he asked.

“You’re amazing.”

“You want more? Tell me you want more.”

“Please, Gabriel.” She moaned for him.

He brought his mouth down again, his hands opening her legs wide. His elbows rested on her open thighs, restraining her. She felt his tongue playing with her, small fast licks, then slow circles. She was so close to release, dying for him, her strong, loving boyfriend, dying for Gabriel, who swept her over the edge.

While his tongue pleasured her, he put one finger inside her, shallow at first, sliding in and out, then deeper and deeper. She gasped at the sensation, swallowed in deep, sweet waves of pleasure. So close, she was so close.

He stopped and slowly lifted his head to look at her.

She whimpered. Where was he going?

He smiled, the twinkle back in his eyes. “I have you for the whole day, remember?”

She wanted him back all over her again, but he whispered the ancient words once again.

“No.” She couldn’t take more. He was killing her.

“Oh, yes, baby.”

Need washed over her again, need and a hint of submission. She was swallowed whole by him. How would she survive this?

He stood at the edge of the bed, dark, immense, towering over her. He brought his hand to his black leather belt and started to undo it. The simple gesture was so deeply erotic, so manly, that she watched, fascinated. He was coming to take her.

As he removed his belt, his gaze pinned her…filled with something? Desire, possession? No, love. Filled with love.

He slid his pants down and she couldn’t take her eyes away from him, from his need of her, solid, thick and ready.

He lay above her, trailing the tip of his erection on her thigh. She felt the sweet moisture on her skin, his intoxicating scent just above her. He had to bring her release.

She took him, wrapping her fingers around the erect, hot skin too big for her and felt his very life in her hand. She stroked him up and down and rubbed her thumb at his wet tip. She heard him moan as she touched him in all the ways she knew he liked.

He let her toy with his shaft for a moment. Then he gently grabbed her hands and pinned them high above her head, his face close to hers.

She met his gaze. “Take me now. Please take me.”

He just smiled at her, the gentlest smile, full of tenderness. Still restraining her hands, he rubbed himself on her wet opening, nice and slow, stroking her where she felt so neglected. He kept his rhythm and she died on the edge again, panting hard.

Then he slid himself inside her. Intense closeness, finally. He ground himself into her, rubbing her hard, stimulating her most sensitive nerve endings, knowing her rhythm. Close—she was getting there.

She thrust her hips in time with him. All that intense need of him overpowered her. She would burst from it, really soon.

“Come, baby.” His expression was intensely focused on her. “Come now.” A command? A prayer?

Yes, for you, anything.

Suddenly, there, the explosion she’d been waiting for so very long. Shattering her, shaking her all over. Tears welled in her eyes as she wanted to cry from the intensity of her release.

As he slid in and out of her, he carried her through the full sensation, until there was nothing left. Then he let out a faint low groan full of love for her, a caress within her very core.

“I love you sweetheart.” He lowered his whole weight gently on her. “I love you.” His voice was a whisper in her ear.

She embraced him and shook at the intense need for him still lingering on her skin, the memory of the incredible shattering sensation when she came.

She rested her head on his, feeling his soft curls on her cheek. They both remained quiet for a moment. Shifting her arms around him, she felt hard metal on his bicep. “What is that?” She pointed to a thick silver cuff on his arm.

“Oh that, the mark, don’t worry about it.” He rained small kisses at the crook of her neck.

“What’s the mark? Don’t you have a tattoo right there?

He didn’t answer and continued to kiss her, caressing her thighs.

“Wait. Your tattoo, it’s solid metal now?” She grasped his head with both hands and turned it toward her.

His lips curled into a slow smile. “You’re in my world now, baby.” The twinkle had returned to his eyes. “Welcome to the dark side.”

Suddenly she started laughing. “My sorcerer. Full of surprises. You did that to me, didn’t you, with your magic?”

He shifted on his side, pulling her with him. “Did what?”

“Make me crazy with desire for you.”

“You mean that’s not how you normally feel for me?” He played with her hair, sliding the strand on her naked shoulder.

“Yes, silly, I do, but this was maddening. It was torture.”

“Was it too much?” He dropped the strand of her hair, sounding concerned.

“It was more like sweet torture. I didn’t have much control. But it was amazing. Can you teach me how to do that to you?”

“No, I’m sorry, I’m afraid you can’t. Only Iain’s sorcerers can do that.”

“You guys make a pretty lethal bunch.”

“I won’t use that spell again on you if you don’t want me to. I was having a little fun today. Because you were curious. But I’d never force you.”

“Oh, you can do that anytime.” Her tone turned serious. “I trust you. I know you’d never do anything bad to me, even with all that power you have.”

Gabriel looked at her with love. She was right. He wouldn’t. He only wanted her happiness and her pleasure. He enjoyed watching her writhe with desire and being the one to satisfy it. He wanted to see her coming for him over and over again.

A warm glow spread through him as he realized how much she trusted him, how she hadn’t rejected him now that she knew all about him. Well, almost all. He hadn’t told her about Evangéline’s essence running in her blood yet. But there would be time for that later.

She also didn’t know that when he’d used magic on her, he’d felt the same as she did. He’d experienced the same burning agony, and it had taken all his self-control not to bury himself in her right away.

“So, I can do this anytime?” He didn’t need the magic between them, but she’d seemed to enjoy it.

“Sure, anytime.” She rested her head back in the pillows.

“Reizh leski.” This was too tempting. He would never get enough of her. His fingertips traced a rune on her belly.

“Gabriel, no.” She screamed in surprise.

He felt the waves of need building in them again as she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and hungrily pressed her wet core toward him. Lily was all he’d ever wanted—sweet, loving, burning for him. His love, all ready for him, making him mad with desire.

As he took her again, he vowed to show her how she was all that ever mattered. No matter what happened now, he’d be there to love and pleasure her—forever.

Evangéline has returned. They were both the same to him now.

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