Behind the Cover… 3 things I asked to describe Rey from A Warlock’s Storm


One thing I love about being a writer and to see my ideas come together in a final cover from my story.

I am blessed with an amazing cover designer who has conceived every cover from the Black Oak World and each one hits the mark. Each time, I am amazed at how she brings my vision with so little information from me.

Here are the three things I told her when I commissioned her this cover:

  1. My hero is older – 40ish, could be a little grayish at the temple, he is a rugged fishermen on the east coast and with magical abilities. He has deep blue eyes! 
  2. I could have a bare chest for these if you think it looks good. I was thinking doing all my stories books with bare chests to keep them separate visually from the main series
  3. The setting is on a fishing boat in a haunted East-Coat sea cove, fighting ghosts and sea monster. The story happens during a tropical storm on the water and later in the woods of the coast. So lots of huge wind, sea spray and crashing waves and falling trees.

That was all. The next thing I know, this beauty was in my mailbox! Enjoy…

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