Dear Reader… Why I call A Warlock’s Storm my Pandemic Book

With love

Dear reader,

It’s only after I went back over the story of Rey and Saira that I realized how much the 2020 news headlines had crept into my subconscious. There is no doubt that the drowning and feeling of confinement in this story arose from what has happened during the pandemic.

When things turned rough for most people, I desperately wanted to give back to my readers. I just couldn’t tackle my bigger project—A Vampire’s Sin. And I wanted to give my Secret Circle people a free gift. And that is how A Warlock’s Storm came about. While inspired by the trips I took in the Pacific Northwest waters with my husband and two sons on our small craft, the story to me is more about how badly we need our families, whether blood relative or our chosen tribe, when going through rough patches.

The glimpse of hope I received in this dark time has been to witness how much I rely on my tight-knit circle to help me sail through challenges. May you find strength in yours as well.

Trust your heart…

Marie-Claude xoxo

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