Dear Reader… How my Son Inspired a Story

Copy of Copy of Black Lavender Collection

Dear reader,

The first time my oldest son forgot his viola in the Seattle metro bus, I saw how much distress a musician felt at being separated from their instrument and it gave me the spark of inspiration for this story (the viola was found, lost again and found again, thank goodness!)

Later when my son  was on the hunt for a higher-quality instrument, he brought one home to try and taught me that ancient instruments need to be played often in order to reach their full music potential, and that a dormant instrument needs to be “open” by the new owner. I thought that was a fascinating concept so I brought the magic into it.

And a disclaimer to all musicians out there, I am well aware that awarding a Stradivarius to Raven is quite unethical, but I did have a chance to listen to one of them in a tiny venue when my son took a lesson with violinist Tessa Lark and she was kind enough to play her priceless instrument for the parents and students. I will never forget this experience. The beauty of its sound certainly match the unlimited love that Thorn feels for Raven.

Thank you so much, lovely readers, for sharing this story with me. Your own support  means the world to me.

Trust your heart…

Marie-Claude xoxo

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