The stories… Excerpt from A NECROMANCER’S LOVE


Here is the opening of A NECROMANCER’S LOVE – Sixth and last book in the WARLOCKS OF THE BLACK OAK – WARLOCKS…

University Avenue, Seattle, Present Time

Is this meeting even worth it?

Harper Grant shifted with impatience on her tattered velvet seat in the condemned Seattle cinema.

Her heart pounding, she eyed the cool and collected Chelsea Jones—the thirty-something administrative assistant sitting primly by her side—as they both waited in the front row of the dusty theater.

The woman’s tasteful gray skirt and matching jacket over a pair of dark sheer hose contrasted eerily with the cobwebbed chandeliers and faded sconces adorning the boarded-up hall. Her subdued elegance did absolutely nothing to ease Harper’s anticipation.

Harper gulped once more with edginess, holding her trendy felted handbag tight on her lap, her fingers drumming on the stiff patent leather handle.Ms. Jones—her chin high and betraying every inch of influence she held as billionaire Duke Morgan’s personal assistant by day and fierce guardian of the supernatural by night—managed to stare down at Harper without a hint of emotion. “Don’t worry, Ms. Grant. He’ll be here in a minute.”

The visit had nothing to do with the woman’s wealthy employer. No.

He meant Malcolm Dunsmuir. The Seattle necromancer.


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