The stories… Excerpt from A WARLOCK’S STORM

The Blues Teasers

A little snipett From my action-packed sexy little summer PNR read: A WARLOCK’S STORM: Rugged Warlock meets Sassy Panther-Shifter 

“I gather you’re sleeping here?” Rey turned his head to look at her, his expression still unreadable.

She held her breath as he reached out for a strand of her hair escaping from her loose braid.

“Diesel didn’t give me any way to return.” She swallowed and leaned closer to him. Her hand remained in his and she didn’t dare move it.

He traced the side of her cheekbone, and her heart hammered faster as he settled his finger on her bottom lip.

“How convenient.” He shook his head with a long exhale.

And suddenly, without warning, he slid a hand at the back of her head and kissed her hard.

A scorching shiver ran down her entire body and her toes curled deliciously as a deep pool of desire met at her center. She moaned louder as she parted her lips for him. Her tongue found his and she melted against him. The pressure of his lips—his demanding grip—stoked the fire inside her to an untenable level. She seized the back of his neck and possessively dug her nails into his skin.

With a growl, he pulled back from her as fast as he had taken her. “So was kissing you.” A lazy smile curled his lips. “Very convenient.”

“Convenient?” She kept her hand at the back of his head while her teeth bit her bottom lip in confusion.

“A sexy naked woman falls from the sky. I’d be a fool not to kiss her.”

“Just kiss?” Her heartbeat battled against her chest, her mind a jumble of baffled thoughts.

He tilted his head with casual amusement. “You wanted more?”

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