Excerpt…Panther Meets Witch: Sinclair and Celeste

Sorcerer Night

Celeste slid her card into the self-serve pump and waited for the gas to fill up her tank, surveying the stretch of highway behind her. Her gaze narrowed on the road and settled on a sleek black vehicle in the distance.

Her heart jumped.

Her fingers seized the pump handle tight at the sight before her. *No!*

She swallowed and shook her head. It couldn’t be. Not now.

But as the car came closer, she knew. Luxurious, polished, expensive. The latest Jag. The small silver feline ornament at the hood gleamed in the frosty low sunlight and the irony wasn’t lost on her.

She shook her head with dread, cut the gas supply, and fumbled with the hose.

She wasn’t ready to see him.

She’d have to skip that coffee. Just get out. Now.

But she heard her name before having a chance to make for the Lexus’ door handle.

Then the word. “Baby.”

The tone of his voice sent both shivers of lust and swells of deep panic inside her.


He unfolded his powerful body from the vehicle, then leaned back on the shiny dark metal hood, arms casually crossed at his chest. His well-defined shoulders barely contained by the long dark cashmere coat, his lazy smile taking her in.

Everything in his posture, the bound muscles ready to uncoil, the calm demeanor concealing his stormy temper, and the hint of death in his stare, meant her plan of escape was doomed.

He was, after all, a predator. Not truly human.

And she knew, right there, that she’d never easily run away from him.

A SORCERER’S NIGHT – A Second Chance Panther Meets Witch Romance

More info => books2read.com/A-Sorcerers-Night

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