Excerpt…A Second Chance Meeting: Diesel and Kerala

Warlock's Kiss April 16

The wind howled as angry waves crashed ashore beside them. Gray heavy clouds built on the horizon. Rain and brine thickened in the air as he finally broke his silence.

“Kera.” His rich voice hit her full force, the low frequency of his tone reaching deep down to her chest, lower even. And all the memories they’d shared came rushing back to her, the blissful days, the heated nights.

She stared hard at him as she fought the power and lust radiating from him, both physical and otherworldly, with still a glint of the rebel in his familiar low-slung cargo pants and fitted white t-shirt under the black warlock’s coat.

“What do you want?” she asked.

Diesel shoved his hair back with a casual hand and studied her.

Struck with the intensity of his metal blue eyes, she bit her lip again with disquiet.

He took a few steps closer as the wind blew harder around them. “You’ve changed, Kera. I don’t know…” He frowned. “You were softer, nicer.”

His words cut her deep. Hurt, she fixed on him then looked away to contemplate the flock of seagulls scavenging the dead seaweeds left behind from the receding tide.

“Yeah, well, things happen.” She shifted her weight around and let her steel cap boots dig further into the sand.

“What do you want?” she asked again.

He leveled with her steadily.  “The dagger.”

Her heart tumbled in her chest.

The Dagger of the Huntsman. Her sacred dagger.

Disappointment sank through her as she slowly exhaled. He only wanted her dagger. Of course.

What else did she expect?

A Second Chance Paranormal Romance: Diesel and Kerala in A WARLOCK’S KISS

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