Our stories…WIP excerpt from A VAMPIRE’S SIN (Feb 3, 2021)

Teasers for Vamp's Sin (4)

Here’s a little unpublished unedited excerpt from my work in progress A VAMPIRE’S SIN.

Her sister had been offline for six days now.

Dread seeped into Nyssa’s bones as again she imagined Cat’s fate. The child could be hidden somewhere in a freezing rundown trailer outside of town. Coerced into drugs, unable to leave.

Or worse, she could be dead. Her body discarded in a garbage dump at the back of a sleazy back-alley downtown.

Nyssa repressed the bile mounting at her throat at the possibility of her sister’s death. Seated at the back of her limo, she absentmindedly watched Magnovald—Mag as he insisted she called him—take powerful strides towards her car parked beside the tall stone gates of the Mount-Royal cemetery.She slid on her leather gloves with a gloomy breath.

How could the man not be cold?His strong legs were planted firmly on the packed snow as he stopped to wait for her under the ancient arch with an air of complete ease.

His wide chest was barely covered by a motorcycle leather jacket, his hair tossed by the icy wind.

With gritted teeth she repressed the feverish desire growing uncomfortably at the center of her chest to refocus on the sole reason she had asked for his help.

Find her sister.

Add it to Goodreads now => https://bit.ly/3ol7jTd

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