Marie-Claude’s Monthly News… Feb 2021

I am deep deep into the writing of the first draft of A VAMPIRE'S SOUL (vampire book #3) which I have slated for a September 2021 release. This is the story of Justin St-Amand (Mag's brother) and complex female vampire Emmeline Dubois. For those who like tropes, this is a true "friends to enemy" story as well as a "stranded by a blizzard" action packed story with a redemption theme.

Our Stories… WIP Excerpt from A Vampire’s Sin (Feb 10, 2021)

Nyssa straightened her spine despite the dingy surroundings. “It doesn’t matter where I come from,” she told Mag with a firm tone, “I can easily just walk in this diner and retrieve my sister. You did not need to come.” “I’m the one Vince called.” Mag gently took hold of her elbow, his rich and spicy scent folding over her. “Senora Moreno seems to like you, but Vince and I go a long way.” “Mob.” Nyssa shook her head. “It was written all over him.” “And you disapprove?”

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