Dear Readers… How I Finally Decided to Write a Scottish Hero

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Dear reader,

It took me six romance novels to finally write a Scottish hero. I’m married to a Scotsman, you see, and it is sometimes harder to write about the things and people that are closest to you. It was fun writing Malcolm’s accent and while I am aware that I cannot match the dialect written by some of the great writers of Scottish romance, I wrote it as I hear it daily in my own household! I swear my husband did not notice me taking notes!

Gabriola Island, the setting for the last part of A Necromancer’s Love featuring Scottish her Malcolm Dunsmuir,  is a real island in British Columbia where one of my best friends lives. She is a beautiful person whose style and beauty was the inspiration behind my heroine, Harper Grant.

Thank you so much for spending some time in my world of the Warlocks of the Black Oak. This sixth book is the last in this warlocks mini-series and I truly appreciate you sticking with me through this whole journey.

Trust your heart,

Marie-Claude xoxo

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