Who is Valerian St-Amand – Vampire of the Black Oak?


Valerian (Val) Callan St-Amand

Species: Immortal

Affiliation: Mount-Royal Immortals, Coven of the White Holly (by handfasting), Order of the Black Oak (by the Midsummer Accords)

Born: 1670 in Ville-Marie (Montreal), Quebec, Canada

Mother: Charlotte Callan, the Ice Witch

Father: Antoine St-Amand (adopted father), Ambrus the Dark (birth father) 

Siblings: Magnovald, Justinien, Renaud, Cassiodore and Griffon St-Amand

Pet: Sasha (dog: chocolate Labrador)

Home: The Sanctuaire des Truands (sanctuary for cursed teen vampires) – now Berwick Hollow (home to the Coven of the White Holly)

First Seen: in A Necromancer’s Love 

“I am Valerian Callan St. Amand.” The otherworldly voice, touched with a slight French accent, rose in the darkness while a tall looming figure ambled toward her through the ethereal light. The stride was casual, the hair dark, the glare smoldering, its aura so incredibly potent it made Harper shake in her boots.

Love Story in: A Vampire’s Spell 

A tall posture in a woolen coat adorned with silver fox fur that fluttered in the cold wind. Dark smoldering eyes in a classic profile with an ever-present undercurrent of darkness, which hummed with magical legacy. All his features joined with the inherited vampirism flowing through his veins to create the man—no the three-hundred-year-old being—who was now casually watching Maisie with a half-smile etched on his full lips.

His hand rested on the head of a hefty black Labrador that sat on its hind legs by the immortal’s side. The dog considered the two women with a calm demeanor, obviously waiting for his master’s call to act.

Deepest desire: Valerian’s deepest desire is to atone for the guilt he feels at having caused his fiancée Emmeline Dubois to lose her soul in 1688. She was human and his attempt to turn her immortal failed, instead she turned into a soulless vampire who went on a killing rampage and turned many young people into cursed vampires.

Atonement: In order to atone for his mistakes, Valerian opens a sanctuary to reform Emmeline’s baby vampires. He teaches them how to stop feeding on humans and survive on synthetic blood formula invented by his brother Justin.

Redemption: It is only through the love of a powerful witch, Maisie Thibodeau, that he is able to let go of his guilt and start a life for himself and away from the sanctuary.

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