Marie-Claude’s Monthly News… Feb 2021


Latest for February, 2021

I am deep deep into the writing of the first draft of A VAMPIRE’S SOUL (vampire book #3) which I have slated for a September 2021 release. This is the story of Justin St-Amand (Mag’s brother) and complex female vampire Emmeline Dubois. For those who like tropes, this is a true “friends to enemy” story as well as a “stranded by a blizzard” action packed story with a redemption theme.

I have received A VAMPIRE’S SIN back from edits and plan to be deep in revision starting March 1st. I do still expect a Spring release for this book. Before that, there will be a second book in the Order of the Black Oak – Collection ( boxset for Books 4-6) at the end of March. If you belong to my Secret Circle, you should see the cover ahead of time in my newsletter.

The Secret Circle Giveaway this month was 3 cool holographic stickers to promote your love of the romance genre! The 3 winners will be receiving those with a special note from me all the way from Seattle.

In the cool news category, my book A SORCERER’S NIGHT is going to the moon! Author T.K. Eldrige was kind enough to add our collection SHIFTERS GONE WILD (which includes the story of panther-shifter and warlock Sinclair) into the Writers on the Moon Project Time Capsule. As a physicist, I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to be included in this project.

As always, thank you so much for your support, whether as a fateful reader and Secret Circle member, ARC reviewer, and all around cheerleader to my progress, it means the world to me.

Au revoir,

Marie-Claude xoxo

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